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Black Merino Sweater Crew Neck

Black Merino Sweater Crew Neck

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Quickly evaluating size can be a daunting task, especially as we work with global reach. To make things easier for you, we have created a short guide with comparison tables. You can print out each international size chart or save this page as a favorites to quickly convert sizes any time.

Use the table below as a quick guide and reference for your sizing requirements.

Labeling Menswear

For shirts and trousers, additional information is often given in addition to the general size indication. For example, on the label of jeans you will find the length of the trousers {(W/L) waist & length as 30/34}. For shirts, the collar size is also given. Menswear sizes are very often given in an internationally understandable way.

Tops and Jackets
Luckily, sizing for menswear is a bit more straightforward. T-shirts, sweaters and jackets are very often simply labeled with S,M, L etc. Keep in mind that there are different body types in each country so you will likely need to adjust. For more fitted tops and jackets numerical sizes are also sometimes used [i.e., 42-Tall].

Shirts and Trousers
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Knitted Men’s Merino Crew Neck is made in the US with 100% Italian wool, this zero waste luxury Pullover features a 2x2 Rib Trim

Designer’s note:

The crew-neck sweater is the wildcard par excellence of the male wardrobe,  you really can't get enough of it.
100% merino wool of ethical and sustainable origin, the philosophy of NEDO BELLUCCI that uses only high quality and low impact fibers.  
Merino is nature's high-performance fiber and I love it for its durability, soft grip, and temperature-regulating properties.  
Perfect as an under-jacket, to be slipped over shirts and T-shirts, but also to be worn directly on the skin, without too many frills. An incomparable garment when it comes to combinations and layering.
Having a park of round-neck pullovers in different shades in the drawer is the safe haven in which to take refuge every morning when you open the wardrobe and you have to quickly decide what to wear. With it you are never wrong, in the office or in your free time.  
And if aesthetics are to remain minimal, it is worth investing in materials, which must be premium, that is, of high quality.  Go ahead, then, one color at a time, one-color to the bitter end: from the universal gray, blue, camel and black, to the saturated greens and ochre or reds that are so popular this season, without forgetting the pastel shades such as candy pink and sky blue.
Tech Spec

  • Made in USA
  • Color: Black
  • 100% sustainable Italian Merino Wool
  • Single yarn 
  • Zero Waste
  • 3D-Kint state of the art whole-garment knitting technology
  • No seams for more durability and comfort for any other polo on the market
  • Care: Dry Clean only
  • Season: Spring/Fall/Winter
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Designer Note

Our Merino cardigan is a classic that darkens back to retro sportswear with a contemporary touch, and is one of the most popular and versatile styles of menswear.

In addition, this cardigan can be worn as an outerwear in spring and autumn, passing under more voluminous coats when temperatures drop.

It would be hard to find an easy-to-shape garment like this cardigan that goes well with anything from tailored trousers to denim.